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Video recording of live event will be available

Essential Skills For Conflict Resolution in Open Relationships

Facilitated By: Jessica Harvey, PhD

Thu, May 26th at 8:30PM ET / 5:30PM PT
Are you ready to Level Up the communication in your polyamorous relationships? 

Here's what you can expect to learn in this virtual workshop:


  • The #1 mistake people make in difficult conversations.
  • How to not only listen to your partner's words but also listen to their body and energy.
  • How to bring more ease into your communications and resolve conflicts more effectively.
  • Tools to help you truly see your own blind spots and how you're showing up.
  • Learn the foundation of building mutual safety before hard discussions.
<h4>Jessica Harvey, PhD</h4><span>Shadow and Sexuality Coach</span>

Jessica Harvey, PhD

Shadow and Sexuality Coach

"Jessica is an incredible coach, she is deeply insightful and is one the most compassionate souls I’ve encountered on this journey.


Her scientific background, coupled with her coaching credentials and continuous self- study make her a well rounded coach with an effective approach to helping men overcome the obstacles in their life.


She is one of a kind and I strongly recommend her for men looking to realize their best self."


-R. O., Canada

Jessica's scientific background brings a unique, no-bullshit approach to transformational work.


Unlike a lot of sexuality work out there, Jessica's is grounded in the radical acceptance of what is, and not about telling you who you 'should' be, or about chasing peak experiences.


Her work is about both light and dark. She has felt the power and energy that comes from facing our fears rather than fighting them, and she holds the door open for you to do the same.


The paradigm-shifting wisdom of the tantric yogis was to value both intellectual understanding as well as subjective embodied experience. Each refines the other.

Jessica Harvey 3

Her clients have included CEOS & founders in the tech, consulting, and finance industries, as well as brave, passionate men from all walks of life - musicians, artists, and healers.


Many are husbands and fathers who refuse to let the passion die in their marriage or single men who refuse to live a life of disconnection and loneliness.


Many of us come from backgrounds of shame, denial, and repression. It is a radical act to claim our desire, turn toward our emotions, and heal our wounds with compassion rather than criticism.

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Thursday, May 26th
at 8:30PM ET / 5:30PM PT

Essential Skills For Conflict Resolution in Open Relationships


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