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From Poly Panic to Poly Security!

A FREE 60-Minute Webinar

by Leveled Up Love
Saturday, May 8th at 5pm ET / 2pm PT

Psychologists Have Finally Discovered How Secure Emotional Attachment & Polyamory Are Coming Together!


…and we reveal how we used that discovery to make our open relationships thrive!

Saturday, May 8th at 5pm ET / 2pm PT

Join our FREE Webinar on going "From Poly Panic to Poly Security" with:

Ready To Go From Jealousy & Insecurity To Thriving In Ethical Non-monogamy?

Our free webinars & weekend immersions provide insight into the most common open relationship questions:

Why do I keep getting in “trouble” when I’m telling the truth and following our open relationship agreements? Why aren’t our agreements enough?

How do I get my partner to understand how scared and jealous I get when they’re with someone else?

Why does it still feel like cheating when my partner is honest about seeing someone else? And why does it hurt so damn much?

How do we strike the right balance between our freedom and our responsibility to each other?

You may also have these questions:

In monogamy, there are things like a ring, a marriage certificate or a house to make us feel safe... where do we find this kind of security in non-monogamy?

Why do some intimate group experiences feel awkward and how can we make them more enjoyable?

Where do I find the right people to date who share my non-monogamous values?

When do I bring this up to my kids? Or do I? How do kids deal with all of this?

Why does talking about my open love style with a new connection feel like such a daunting task? When is the best time to bring it up?

My friends and family just don’t get me! How can I have the “conversation” with family members, friends or co-workers without all the judgment?

How do I find community, connection, and support as a polyamorous person?

Powerful Poly Therapy Work:

Loving MORE people doesn’t have to mean managing MORE people’s frustrations!

Did you know that you can’t just rationalize jealousy away? It’s about time we understood how nervous systems & attachment styles play a critical role in open relationships and learn how to apply all of this knowledge.


Look we get it, because we’ve been there. You’re in an open relationship because one or both of you wanna love MORE than one. Instead you’re just managing MORE jealousy and frustration! So, where’s the LOVE? Is ALL the stress even worth it?!


We have the critical tools and expert guidance you need to rebuild trust, find joy, and thrive in your conscious open relationships.

We can show you how to go from Poly Panic to Poly Security!

This IS for you if:

You’re tired of managing the distress of your partner(s) and are serious about building conscious and ethical non-monogamous relationships.

You feel stuck in a never ending cycle of similar poly conflicts, maybe even after relationship counseling or reading all the open relationship books you can find.

You’ve been curious how attachment styles play a crucial role in open relationships and what you can do about it.

You find it hard to find, date and explain to new people what your lifestyle is all about.

You’re trying to find that delicate balance between personal freedom and your ability to respond to your partner(s), and it’s hard!

You want some powerful tools to move through the jealous moments in your open relationships.

This IS NOT for you if:

You believe your partner’s jealousy is 100% their work and responsibility, not yours.

You’re not interested in understanding how attachment styles affect polyamarous relationships.

You think you’ve got it all figured out and don’t really need much support in your open relationships.

This FREE webinar will transform your “relationship with relationships!”

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