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Woman Flower Garden
Woman Flower Garden


Imagine a physically and emotionally safe online container for a heart-centered sexual experience designed to bring connection, embodiment and pleasure to the privacy of your own home.


8PM – 12AM Eastern
5PM – 9PM Pacific

The Virtual Pleasure Garden Vol. VI

…and voilà, The Virtual Pleasure Garden was born!

Shai & Lea

Past Performance

The Monk & The Temptress

  • In one window, you may watch a demonstration of a Tantric massage…
  • In another, you may spy a couple playing with ropes, gags, and spurs…
  • Or perhaps, you’re the one putting on a sensual show.

“Thank you Shai and Lea for hosting such a beautiful event. I am already looking forward to the next one!”

 - Toby

“Truly an amazing event. The collection of joyful, fun people meant everything. Playful and seductive.”

“Basking in the authentic, freed up sexual expression and connections last night!”

 - John

“Such a great way to share sensual energy and passion. It was lovely to be in the spirit with so many people!”

Here's what you need to know

Applicant Screening

All applicants are screened through a private interview process conducted by us.


This event is explicitly private and will not be recorded or shared publicly in any way. We require absolute commitment and acknowledgment by all participants. We make this clear to all participants during the interview and at the start of the event. This invite is through word of mouth so at least someone we trust can vouch for each participant.


Our guests are a mix of couples, throuples, and a few select singles.


We expect everyone to arrive on time (7:45pm Eastern for prep) and spend about 3-4 hours with us (barring any emergencies). We have a very specific order of elements to create a progressive experience that enables comfortability and embodiment for all.

More Past Performances

Serena the Wild Mermaid


The Fabulous Juliano!

Our Titillating Itinerary

Each throuple, couple or person sets up their own sensual space in the comfort of their home. Feel free to bring some wine or other delectable treats you’d enjoy.

Everyone joins a Zoom group video-call (Zoom is free desktop or smartphone app).

Get Zoom Here!

As everyone tunes in promptly at the agreed-upon time (7:45PM Eastern for prep), we kick things off at 8PM Eastern with ecstatic dance & body movement to high-vibration beats.

Is your curiosity piqued? Of course it is! Read on…

We’ll slow things down for a sensuous song session by Lea. Imagine tuning in to Lea’s angelic voice and her beautiful candlelit face bringing you waves of auditory pleasure. She’ll then guide us all through a brief meditation for grounding and opening.

We resurface and go through quick introductions for each lover to share a tiny bit about themselves and how they are feeling in the moment.

… the nerves may start to settle a bit, as we all feel into the realization that we are surrounded by a highly intentional and super safe tribe!

As a group, we carefully set the intentions for the remainder of this odyssey.

We’ll settle in for a delicious show by our exquisite guest performers (tentatively scheduled)

More Past Performances

Juno Stardust

Lilith Lives

Mariana Maekawa

We prepare to transition...

A 10-minute break for everyone to check in with each other (and themselves) on respective boundaries, desires and to choose their level of engagement for the evening. Let’s make sure to meet every partner where they are at. There will always be future experiences!

Lea & Shai will call the group back in for a dance of sensual embodiment. You are also welcome to watch and enjoy others dancing if you wish to stay put.

E - R - O - S

Shai & Lea will now “open the field” for all to begin enjoying intimacy. They will warm up the camera with a sensuous practice. The participants will have the option to display their own expressions of love exhibitionists or take them in as voyeurs.

*We recommend having some form of blindfold for this part if you desire to play along with Latihan.

Heat begins to rise and eros starts to move…
Are you ready?

Remember to choose your sexual exhibition based on your own boundaries and at your own pace.

We ask that everyone keeps their camera on for the duration of the event. We ask that no one, who is not on the party list, is given any kind of access to the view of the event. This builds a sense of trust for the container. We trust that you understand that by keeping your video feed on, you also allow for the exhibitionists to see you enjoying their connection. You are not required to be fully on screen at all times. What you do offscreen while you watch is your own private business.

You may choose to exhibit a range of intimacy yourself, such as self-pleasure, kissing, sensual massage, or exhibit oral or penetrative sex with your partner/s. All acts of consensual sex are welcome on camera.

As the evening progresses, you’ll have the option to engage more intimately with other participants of your choosing in private “bedrooms”. The Virtual Pleasure Garden transforms into a Virtual Pleasure Mansion!

  • 1st Hour

    We start in the Theater for the Main Performances.

    Are you ready to have your senses titillated?

  • 2nd Hour

    We move to our Luxurious Living Room where guests exhibit & voyeur and start to exchange messages and sweet vibrations.

    Who will you end up exploring more deeply with?

  • Last 2 Hours

    You are free to roam the “mansion” and find some themed “bedrooms” (ie. arousing $ex games, bdsm, tantra, etc) or several “private” bedrooms to engage more privately with others in full audio/video immersion (last two hours).

We will curate a sexy music playlist conducive to moving erotic energy in our Theater and Living Room. You are welcome to bring your own soundtrack to play at any time during the EROS segment, but especially inside any private rooms.

“The feel was classy, safe and sacred, very honored to have been a part of this event.”

“Thx Shai and Lea for organizing this wonderful event and for the steamy opening!”

 - Edy

“It was QUITE the exciting virtual event...The erotic energy was flowing and the Host and Hostess were steaming hot as well!”

“I have never had anyone else watch me and a lover. So you all popped my 🍒!!! Love and light to all...”

 - Natalie

Attendance is by application only

Here is how to apply when you're ready

Please follow these 4 steps:

Step 1:

"Friend" Shai on Facebook and message him using Facebook Messenger OR Email Us here. We’ll then schedule a short (10-15 minute) interview and see if we are a match of vibration and intention.


Step 2:

We will contact you to let you know within 24 hours only if it’s a match for the event. Please note that we are selective, inviting mostly couples and some singles that we know personally. If we do not contact you, it’s likely we’ve hit our limit for participants.

By committing to attend, you explicitly agree to keep your camera on for the duration, to NOT to record the event for any other future use OR display your screen to another person who is not a confirmed guest. Your name will be added to the participant list below upon acceptance. Please do not make a donation if you are not yet accepted. If you are unsure, please contact Shai.

Step 3

After your interview, and upon acceptance to the event, come back here and make your donation.

Be sure to inform Shai once you have made your donation so that you can get added to our guest list, messenger group, and private FB group.

Leveled Up Love Plus Members Get 50% OFF! Please mention your membership status to Shai to get your special 50% off coupon code.

To learn more about Leveled Up Love Plus visit @

Select between Single or Couple / Throuple below:


The Virtual Pleasure Garden – Single (Standard Ticket Price)
$ 67.00
The Virtual Pleasure Garden – Single (Financial Hardship Price)
$ 57.00
The Virtual Pleasure Garden – Couple or Throuple (Standard Ticket Price)
$ 97.00
The Virtual Pleasure Garden – Couple or Throuple (Financial Hardship Price)
$ 87.00


Do you need 1:1 personalized support to get you through the tough times?
Add a private, 45-minute 1:1 call with Shai to get the open relationship breakthrough you need for only $97!
Don't miss out! This is 45% off our regular price of $187.
Your 45-minute 1:1 private call is a safe space free from judgment and blame.
In our time together we'll:
  • Discuss why you chose an open relationship and address any unmet needs to find the right course of action for you.
  • ​Find the style of non-monogamy that suits your needs most so you can enjoy your open relationship.
  • ​Understand if you're emotionally ready for an open relationship so you can avoid unnecessary insecurities and heartache.
  • ​Discuss when is the right time to open or close a relationship so you're never jumping in blind or taking it too far.
  • ​Give you the necessary tools you need to thrive in your open relationship.


  • The Virtual Pleasure Garden – Single (Standard Ticket Price)

  • Total

    USD $67.00


Step 4

Upon receiving your donation, you’ll be invited to our private FB Messenger chat and FB Group where we can all share some sweet vibes leading up to the main event!

The Virtual Pleasure Garden Vol. VI


8PM – 12AM Eastern
5PM – 9PM Pacific

If you have been interviewed and approved, you will be added to our Facebook Messenger chat group.

Your participation requires a commitment to bring your best self/selves to our event and that you fully agree to the following:

  • You agree to do your best to arrive early to set up for introductions. We do a sound and video check as early as 7:30pm on the day of the event.

  • You agree to not to record the event for personal use, now or in the future.

  • You agree to not display your screen to others who are not confirmed guests.

  • You agree to keep your camera on for the duration of the event, even if you’re not engaging in or exhibiting intimacy.

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