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Plant Medicine and Polyamory Workshop

When Talk Therapy Alone Is Not Enough 


What does Plant Medicine have to do with Polyamory you ask? of the biggest (unconscious) challenges for many in Polyamory is unresolved abandonment traumas from childhood, through adulthood, and some would argue from past lives. When poly partners focus on various healing modalities that bring them past these rejection wounds and back to radical self-love, they actually become less fearful and anxious around sharing their partner. They are able to depend on their own reservoirs of inner love, not only their partner’s love, for their sense of safety.

<h4>Trinidad Ysidro Ruiz</h4><span>Trauma-informed Psychedelic<br /> Integration Specialist, Coach &<br />Holistic Healer</span>

Trinidad Ysidro Ruiz

Trauma-informed Psychedelic
Integration Specialist, Coach &
Holistic Healer

In this groundbreaking workshop, we’ll open your hearts and minds to the possibilities that lie in professional plant medicine practices. But first, we must invite everyone to re-imagine our collective relationship with words like “drugs” and “substance abuse”. After all, we’ve all seen the damage that any addiction can bring to people we love and possibly even ourselves! It’s understandable to feel a great pause when thinking about anything considered a “drug”.


Still, we ask you to consider that certain plants or substances, approached with great reverence, as sacred medicines, have brought on transformative emotional healing for countless individuals.


Some of these medicines have shown such clear positive results, that they’ve even infiltrated mainstream medicine, where years of controlled clinical studies have shown success in treating PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and other mental illnesses. There are even some rare plant medicines that have had incredible success reversing long-standing opioid/heroin addictions.


The permissible use of plant medicine as an effective component to growth and healing continues to evolve and expand. 


Similarly, our understanding of love, sex, and interpersonal relationship dynamics have evolved to be more inclusive of varied structures of intimate relating. 


It is divine timing that we have widening access to powerful and transformative elements that hold us through dynamics that hinder or completely prevent our access to love, intimacy, connection, affirmation, and a sense of safety.  


Plant medicine with intentional integration work has profoundly impacted the relationship many have to their entire way of being. This internal access extends to radical self-acceptance and radical self-love. 


In this workshop, Trinidad will share how this journey can provide awareness and access to “abundance mentality” versus “lack and loss mentality”. These are mindsets critical to thriving in non-monogamous relationships. 


The powerful shift from living through fear, jealousy, insecurity, and abandonment into a grounded, centered, authentic, genuine, and fully expressed state can be profound.


We invite you to join Trinidad for his 75-minute lecture, with opportunities for Q&A throughout.


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POSTPONED Friday, January 7th, at 8:30PM ET / 5:30PM PT

Plant Medicine and Polyamory Workshop


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